IIS – (413) Request Entity Too Large (SSL)

Hello There!

Today, I talk about an error that you might face, while transmitting large information using your IIS .NET Web Service.

I faced this problem, while I had my web service with a valid SSL certificate. I did not find this error message when I did not connect my web service with a SSL Certificate. I had a image also to be uploaded in the same request.

The solution to this is problem is a straight-forward one, but a little tricky to find 🙂

You will have to first open the applicationHost.config file, which should reside in your <Windows Installation Drive:>\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config\

Please take a backup of the existing applicationHost.config before you make any changes to it.

Open the file, and as you see, it is a fairly large file, with different XML tags relevant to IIS Web Sites. You need to scroll down and find your IIS Web Site Name.

If the Web Site name is not found then you can add it, so don’t worry if you don’t find it.


What is written here in common terms is, you are suggesting the IIS to increase the buffer size of the transmitted data to 10 MB for your web site.

And if all goes good, you are able to now transmit information to your IIS .Net Web Service!



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