How to get the SSID name from your iPhone Application using Xcode 6x iOS8x

Sometimes you might need to fetch the SSID of the Wireless Router that your iPhone Application connects to. The following code, will help you get the SSIS name.

Firstly you will have to add the CaptiveNetwork framework into your project, and then import it in your .h file. Like this;

#import <SystemConfiguration/CaptiveNetwork.h>

In your implementation file .m, add this piece of code to get the SSID name.

NSString *ssid = @””;

NSArray *ifs = (__bridge_transfer id)CNCopySupportedInterfaces();

for (NSString *ifnam in ifs) {

NSDictionary *info = (__bridge_transfer id)CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo((__bridge CFStringRef)ifnam);

if (info[@”SSID”]) {

ssid = info[@”SSID”];



if(![ssid  isEqual: @”SOMEWIRELESSNAME”])



Good Luck!


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