SAP Webi Report: A database error occured. Data source name not found and no default driver specified (WIS 10901)

SAP BO Webi Report: You might come across this error, while you run your Webi report in an InfoViewApp. However, your report might run / refresh well in Webi, but not in the InfoViewApp environment.


You need to cross check these points to solve this problem, which is a minor one.

1. Check if your Universe connects to a User DSN rather than a System DSN. If not, then create a System DSN, by clicking Data Sources (ODBC) under Control Panel > Administrative Tools


2. I recommend to keep the same name, as the User DSN in the System DSN. Because, then you will have to reconfigure your Universe to connect to a DSN with a new name. 🙂

3. Test your universe, if the connection object connects well with the new System DSN.

4. Test your report again in InfoViewApp, it should start working by now 🙂



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