Cannot retrieve the column code page info from the ole db provider in SQL SSIS

Yes, this is a most common exception you encounter while you have a DataFlow task. The fix is simple:

On the DataFlow task, open the Advanced Editor, select the Component Properties tab and in the Custom Properties section set the AlwaysUseDefaultCodePage to True



XCode iOS 8: Device / Simulator does not capture User Location

There is an added step required to allow the device to capture the user’s location either in the Simulator or in the iOS Device.

(1) After linking the Core Location framework in your Project Settings (near the bottom on the General tab), add this to the appropriate header file:

@import CoreLocation;

(2) In iOS 8, you must first call either:

// For use in background
requestAlwaysAuthorization (on the instance)

if([<CLLocationManager object> respondsToSelector:@selector(requestWhenInUseAuthorization)]){
[<CLLocationManager> requestWhenInUseAuthorization];
// For use in foreground
[<_MapView Object> setUserTrackingMode:MKUserTrackingModeFollowWithHeading animated:NO];

(3) Then, you must add a NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription or NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription key to your project’s Info.plist containing the message to be displayed to the user at the prompt.

<string>Your message goes here</string>
<string>Your message goes here</string>

The user will not be prompted unless one of these are added to the Info.plist.

SAP BO WebI Report: You dont have rights to access data in this universe Error No: WIS 00505

There are three things you need to look into, if you encounter this problem while accessing the WebI Report from a client.

You need to grant the access rights to the intended user using the Central Management Console

1. Provide View / On Demand View / Full Control Access to the user on the connected Universe

2. Provide Full Control Access to the user on the Connections entity, which is used in the Universe for the report.

3. Provide View / On Demand View / Full Control Access to the user on the connected WebI

Re-Login into the the WebI application, after you have granted the permissions.